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IOSH Working Safely Training Course

IOSH Working Safely Training Course in Dubai UAE

IOSH Working Safely Course Overview

The IOSH working safely is an introductory course for employees at any level, in any industry, needing a basic knowledge in health and safety. This course covers a wide range of health and safety topics with interactive games and quizzes to provide guidance and awareness for employees to take care of the safety of themselves and others. Further, to develop an effective safety culture within any organization, this course tunes-up the employees to understand the necessity of safe working.

Who should attend IOSH Working Safely Training Courses in ITAC Safety?

The course is ideal for people at any level, in any sector, needing grounding in the essentials of health and safety. Everyone at work should have an understanding of why they must "work safely" which the course exactly offers. This course not only helps the employees to discharge their organizational duties and functions more effectively even in hazardous and strenuous work environments but also offers solid base to take up advanced IOSH and NEBOSH courses.

IOSH Working Safely Certification

There is a 45 minute multiple choice test at the end of the course and a workplace health and safety risk assessment assignment. It must be completed within 2 weeks of doing the test, in order to pass. The IOSH Working Safely course is recognised as an equivalent to a level 1 award in health and safety in a construction environment. This is an international safety certificate based on best practice and provides an awareness of general workplace hazards and focuses on why health and safety is important to the well-being of the individual worker and those around them. On successful completion of the assessment you will get an IOSH Certificate. On successful completion you will have an internationally recognised IOSH accredited certificate.

Course contents

IOSH Working Safely covers the essentials of health and safety which includes the following topics:

  • Why staff must work safely?.
  • Staff's responsibility towards health, safety and well being.
  • The difference between hazards and risks.
  • Hazard and risk identification, impact and how to control them.
  • The importance of safety performance within the workplace and how to improve it.
  • How industry affects the environment?.

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